Talking to my dad while stoned

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haha ok.. this was about a month ago, i owed my 2 friends badly case i was broke for awhile and they both smoked me up many times (i always repay them). so i bought an ounce of Orange crush online umm bout 270 dollars. so my rents were gone for the day so i called them up and they came over my friend brought his 6 foot bong so we ripped the bong for about 30min then took 3 bowl hits each to the face.. by this time we were pretty blasted so we went to my corner store haha AS SOON as we walk in my friend1 says “I want ice cream soooooooooo badly!!” haha he yelled this so everyone turns with the look “wtf” 😀 we bought icecream a bag of chips and a large pizza. we finished all the food in like 30min haha then friend2 rolled 3 blunts we smoked those and we gone.. we couldnt smoke anymore or we would black out haha we went into my back woods and if you walk about half a mile we get to a rail trail we were walking on this for 2 hrs when my dad called hhaha uh oh and heres the convo
me: hey dad whats up
dad: nothin just calling to check in
me: oh cool.. whats up?
dad: haha just checking in sooo what you up to?
me: nothin just looking at the rain coming from the ground
dad: …… what? have you checked out.
me: dad im walking the dog i just told you..
dad: are you ok??
me: yes im fine im siting on the couch watching a movie
Dad: Your high arnt you
(here i relized what i just said so i needed a quick cover up soo)
Me: No way!! are you High?!?!
dad:.. what?
me: I know your high dad! dont try to cover up
dad: uhh no im not :confused:
me: HA! i know you are!
Dad: you are a strange kid…
me: Dad…. im not high i just said that! uhh yeah im weird haha bye( and i hung up)
After that my friends and i bust out laughing.. we ended up going back to the store buying more food ate it and passed out overall was an awesome night! Stay high!


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